Students' Offences And Penalties

In line with the statute creating the Lagos State University, the prescribed sanctions that students who contravene the Students’ Code of Conduct may be liable to are expulsion, rustication or suspension.

Generally, students’ misconducts are of two types: misconduct amounting to a breach of Matriculation Oath and misconduct amounting to Criminal Offence. However, any conduct amounting to a criminal offence in Nigeria will automatically qualify as a breach of students’ matriculation oath and as such liable to punishment.

For avoidance of doubt, any conduct or behaviour that is at variance with the students’ code of conduct or in breach of the University rules and regulations as contained in the students’ handbook including all that are set out herein amount to a Breach of Matriculation oath.

Offences And Penalties

# Offence Things that Constitute The Offence Penalty
1 Cultism
  • Possession, Carrying or use of Dangerous Weapons
  • Gangsterism
  • Membership of Cult Groups
  • Membership of Illegal/Unregistered Association, Club, Society
  • Hooliganism etc
2 Gross Misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Falsification of certificate
  • Alteration of financial documents e.g. receipts of payment
  • Stealing
  • Extortion of money and other fraudulent practices
  • Embezzlement of funds
  • Misappropriation of Union/Association/Club/Society money
  • Vandalism of University property
  • Unlawful Assembly
3 Examination Misconduct
  • Impersonation (within and outside LASU)
  • Use of textbook and notes
  • Scribbling on any part of the body
  • Use of scribbled notes
  • Scribbling on materials such as pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator, desk, mathematical set e.t.c.
  • Exchange of answer scripts/question paper
  • Discussion during examination
  • Use of cell phones
  • Use of microchips
  • Insubordination/disobedience to Invigilator
  • Copying from other candidates
Warning, Rustication, or Expulsion
4 Unruly Behaviours
  • Disobedience to constituted authority
  • Assault
  • Insubordination
  • Rudeness to staff
  • Physical attack on another person
  • Indecent dressing
Warning, Rustication
5 Criminal Offences
  • Rape
  • Armed robbery
  • Illegal possession of fire arms and ammunition
  • Kidnapping/abduction
  • Stealing
  • And other offences contained in the Criminal Law of Lagos State
Expulsion and prosecution by the Law Enforcement Agency

Where any of the above conducts constitutes a criminal offence either in Lagos State or in Nigeria, erring students shall be handed over to the Police or relevant law enforcement Agency.

Without prejudice to the above, nothing shall prevent the University from exercising its disciplinary power under the statute establishing same with respect to any conduct that amounts to a breach of the students’ matriculation oath. Therefore, such student shall be suspended until the final determination of the criminal investigation and trial against him by the appropriate government machineries or a competent court of law.